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2020 Trends Fit for Remy Hair

Home » Blog » 2020 Trends Fit for Remy Hair
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2020 Trends Fit for Aremy Hair

It’s the start of a new decade— a perfect time to update not just your look but also your outlook on that new head of remy hair. Get on board with the 2020 hair trends that suit your hair replacement system.

So you’ve had concerns about thinning locks or even going bald in the past. There was a time when you could only watch from the sidelines as the year’s latest hair craze came and went. But with your own Aremyhair hair replacement, nothing’s stopping you from getting that makeover you’ve always wanted.

Luckily for all of us, the hair trends of 2020 are simple yet classy cuts that are easy to manage and a breeze to maintain. And if you’ve gotten a hair replacement system instead of a wig, which can’t be customized exactly to your preference, it’s going to look like it’s always been there.

In this article we’re giving the lowdown on:

  • Chic cuts for women 
  • Classic crop for men
  • tyling and maintenance

Chic cuts for women

The classics aren’t just back, they’re here to stay in 2020 and beyond. This year’s trending hairstyles for women look good on all ages, whether it’s the locks you’re born with or the hair replacement system of your own choosing.

Chic cut for women

A layered look is best for thin, fine hair because it adds volume and texture, framing the face nicely, no matter what shape. The “modern shag” is typically layered around the top of the head and choppy at the ends. Stylists advise against having too many layers, however, to keep it from looking unkempt and outdated.

Think back to 1995 when just about everyone wanted Jennifer Aniston’s look in Friends. Aniston rocked the shoulder-length version of the shag, which cuts away to a soft fringe, although it works well without the fringe, too. This look straddles the line between sophisticated and classy, and is suitable for curly or straight and mid-length to longish hair.

Another classic style for women that’s here to stay is the pixie or bob cut. Much like the one Emma Watson started wearing soon after the last of the Harry Potter series hit the big screen. Watson started out with a head-hugging cut, letting the sides grow out over the years. This year’s version of the pixie is ultra-short or just above the jawline, cropped tightly to accentuate your features.

Speaking of fringes, the modern bangs are somewhere between blunt and feathery, and are slightly shorter than last year’s in-vogue style—just above the eyebrows, to be exact. To get that modern edge, you may opt for uneven layers or one-length. The point is to bring attention to the eyes, whether you’re gunning for a dramatic or casual look.

Classic crop for men

Just like the on-trend hairstyles for women, contemporary 2020 cuts for men take its cue from past decades—with an emphasis on adding volume to the crown. The fresh take on timeless classics may require hair products to pull off, so check with your Aremyhair professional stylist for the kind that’s safe for your hair replacement system.

Classic Crop For Men

“Looks casually tousled but actually carefully coiffed” sums up one of the 2020 trending hairstyles for men. This style is similar to what Chris Hemsworth has been sporting post-Thor. Men with fine or thinning hair are going to rock this look because it has a lot of texture, which creates the illusion of volume. The cut is longish on top and shorter at the sides, and is accentuated by soft spikes with a matte finish (no glossy shine, please!).

Beyond on-trend, the crew cut is timeless in its structured simplicity. This year’s take on an all-time favorite for men combines the tapered sides of a low- to medium-fade with a thicker coverage top. Think Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling, this is a versatile cut that looks takes you from office boardroom to weekend party with ease and confidence.

To complement a beard (or that five o’clock shadow effect you’ve always wanted to pull off), a modern version of the pompadour could just be your best bet. This style also has faded sides and, you’ll be glad to know, none of that sideburn that tends to make you look dated. For this, you’ll need hair products to achieve that brushed-up, puffed-up polish.

What’s the best thing about 2020’s trendiest hairstyles for men? The texture and added volume on top, which is a great for masking a receding hairline, of course! These styles are also suitable for all ages and skin coloring, plus they’re absolutely doable even on a hair replacement system. Check out Aremyhair’s before-and-after gallery.

Styling and maintenance

Gone are the days when your only option is to comb over your problem areas. We can’t emphasize it enough: you can have just about any style you want even with a hair replacement system. Unlike wigs or toupees, hair replacements are firmly attached without damaging or pulling on the scalp, which is what happens with weaves and hair toppers.

At Aremyhair, the entire process of installing a hair replacement system only takes 90 minutes with no surgery involved. Aside from the professional monthly maintenance you get at our service centres, Aremyhair will also give you tips on caring for your hair at home or while you’re on holiday.

Keeping up with the latest trends is as easy as cutting and styling your natural hair—especially with Aremyhair’s highly trained and experienced team of professional stylists. We’ll help you choose not just the cut and color but also the products to make you look and feel like a million bucks! Let your friends at Aremyhair tell you exactly how to do it..



Registered and based in Singapore, Aremyhair manufactures and uses custom-made, non-surgical hair replacement solutions as well as treatment for thinning and damaged hair. For hair that looks like it’s always been there, get Aremyhair: non-surgical, completely undetectable, customised hair in just 90 minutes.


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