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Home » Blog » 5 Reasons Why Clients Love The Payment Terms At Aremyhair

5 Reasons Why Clients Love The Payment Terms At Aremyhair

Home » Blog » 5 Reasons Why Clients Love The Payment Terms At Aremyhair
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5 Reasons Why Clients Love The Payment Terms At Aremyhair - Aremyhair Singapore Blog

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You shop or sign up for a service only to find the establishment doesn’t accept your payment method. It’s really frustrating for anyone.

If you’re like most clients, you’re always looking for ways to make your experience smooth and worth every penny. And one way we can step up to that is by offering a variety of payment methods like credit and debit cards. 

Aremyhair is known to provide natural hair replacement systems. These are designed to help replace lost or thinning locks with beautiful, full-bodied hair. But we don’t stop there. We work hard to deliver not only the best products but also outstanding customer service in the industry and always try to improve our high standards. And this applies to our payment terms as well!

By providing different payment options, we can make it easier for you to focus on making your crowning glory gorgeous again. So in this blog, we’ll give you five reasons clients love the payment terms at Aremyhair and why you should too.

Know The Real Cost Of Hair Loss


Do you love being able to pay for things with a credit card? You’re not alone! A lot of people love the convenience that credit card payments offer. You can pay for things quickly and easily, and it’s considered more secure than other forms of payment, such as cash or checks. 

And that’s what we want for our customers! Aremyhair strives to make it easy for you to pay your bill, unlike other hair replacement centres. We gladly accept major credit cards like AMEX and even a “buy now, pay later” mobile app like Atome. We want the cost to be the last thing to worry about when choosing a hair replacement system.

We know everyone’s financial situation is different, so we work with each client to find a payment plan that fits them best. We offer flexible terms that allow you to pay us when it’s convenient for you or choose one that best suits your needs.

Transparent About Our Fees

While other companies try to fool you with smoke and mirrors, we tell you the truth. Our hair system is handmade, which means it’s prone to issues like hair fall, and breakage is inevitable, but we stand behind our quality. Sure, there are many hairpieces on the market, but none are as perfect or have a supportive team as ours. Our commitment to our customers shines in our transparency, lifetime warranty, and free repairs. 

Here at Aremyhair, we’ll never try to pull the wool over your eyes. As experts in the hair industry, we know that trust is no joke when it comes to hair. So Aremyhair has always been truthful about our products and services, and most importantly, with our fees too! We want our clients to feel informed, valued, and in control of their experience with us. 

No one likes surprises — especially with costs. That’s why Aremyhair is upfront about all fees: basic hairpieces start at $488 on selected designs, and standard ones at $988, up to 6 inches long. Customised hairpieces range from $1,200 to $1,800.

By being clear about everything, we can give you peace of mind knowing what to expect over your hair journey.

See Aremyhair’s Transparent Pricing Scheme Here

Interest-Free Instalment Plans

Have you been in a situation where you couldn’t afford to purchase it but really needed the item? Or maybe you want to make smart financial decisions to balance your expenses. No matter your circumstances, we’re here to help. 

Our interest-free instalment plans are one of the reasons our clients prefer our payment terms. They can spread out the cost of their purchase over time without worrying about additional fees. 

Thanks to our interest-free option, clients can get started without considering the up-front expense of our hair replacements. They can also choose a plan they can tailor to their budget. This lets them focus more on their hair needs, which is a win-win for everyone!

Aremyhair offers adjustable payment schemes, like a one-time, quarterly, or monthly payment, depending on your preference. For more budget-conscious clients, you can opt for Atome, which can split your bill and pay in up to 12 months.

Learn About The Aremyhair Singapore Loyalty Programme

Up to Date With Technology 

Let’s face it. Technology is the new norm. And not incorporating it into a business will get you behind the eight ball. It’s changing the way companies are run and the way people interact with them.

And that’s why Aremyhair strives to be up to date with the latest technology. We developed a mobile application under our system, which makes online self-help appointment booking more convenient for you! This app will soon be available in the App Store and Google Play store, so watch out when it launches.  

This upcoming app has many features, including appointment confirmations and instant chat. We’d like you to know we’re not only providing quality service but also keeping up with the times when it comes to newer technologies.

Why You Need a Warranty for a Hair Replacement System

We Take Care Of Everything

We’re here to help you make your hair goals a reality. At Aremyhair, we pride ourselves on our world-class customer service and the quality of our products. Our hairpieces are designed to provide security, confidence and peace of mind. 

When you purchase a hairpiece, we become partners and work together so that you look your best at all times. We also give a formal contract that ensures our mutual protection.

We’ll happily consult you on options and help you choose the most appropriate hair systems to suit your needs and budget. So you can count on us to be there every step of the way. 

Now you can simply relax knowing that we have your best interest at heart. Aremyhair’s payment terms are the most reasonable in Singapore as compared with other hair replacement system providers. But don’t just take our word for it, talk to our hair replacement specialists for more details now! Call us at +65 6225 2022 or +65 9641 3620 to book an appointment today.

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