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Remy hair replacement systems can be washed and styled just like natural hair. You can even wear it while swimming or working out. But when it comes to hair system maintenance, there are certain things you must avoid to keep your remy hairpiece in good condition for a long time. Like going to saunas or steam rooms, which could degrade the adhesives that bind the hair system to the scalp.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, you should know that remy hair is, in fact, real human hair with naturally aligned strands and intact cuticles. However, remy hairpieces are unlike any other that are made from human hair. Remy hair is collected from human donors in a manner where the roots are not damaged, and the strands are checked for uniformity in cuticles and the direction of growth.

Want to get some more free advice on hair system maintenance? Plus great tips on how to make your remy hair replacement system last longer? Read on and find out how to keep that great head of hair lush and lustrous, even with 7 days of continuous wear!

(1) Proper Hair Washing

Proper Hair Washing

We feel you—it’s typical to shampoo our hair daily, especially in Singapore’s tropical climate. But with a remy hair replacement system, daily hair washing could be damaging if done improperly. Remember, remy hair is real hair with intact cuticles and has never been treated. So, while your own hair might not be as delicate, your hairpiece does require extra care.

To get rid of everyday dirt and grime, clean your hairpiece only with room-temperature or lukewarm water. Using your fingers, massage the hair strands in gentle, downward motions from the base of the hairpiece down to the tips. You may wash your hair daily with water, but limit the shampooing to every three days to prevent the remy hair replacement system from drying out.

Check out our FAQs for more info on remy hair and other hair replacement concerns

(2) Avoid Hair Tangling

Avoid Hair Tangling

When your hair is tangled, it’s not just unsightly but difficult to style—same goes for your hairpiece. Remy hair is softer, shinier, and much more natural-looking than synthetic hair. However, this type of hair replacement system is not entirely tangle-proof. You’d still need to comb out a few kinks once in a while to keep that full head of hair lustrous and in great shape.

Just like the hair you’re born with, your remy hairpiece can break and get pulled out. The proper way of combing or brushing a remy hairpiece is from the base to the tip, in a straight, downward direction. Avoid tousling up your hair in circular motion as you would your natural hair. When using a hairdryer, set it to low heat or get a blow dryer with cold-air setting for better results.

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(3) Handle Knots with Care

Handle Knots with Care

Hair knots are common, especially in textured or damaged hair. While a remy hair replacement system has undamaged cuticles, your natural hair might not be as intact. Knotting is also normal when you have curly or wavy, and thick or layered hairpieces. And when you have a great hair replacement system, the strands naturally blend with the hair you’re born with.

So, what do you do when your remy hairpiece gets all knotted up? First, resist the urge to tug at it! Use your fingers and a soft-bristled detangling brush to undo the knots, making sure that you’re holding on to the hairpiece’s base to keep the strands from being pulled out. We also recommend styling products that are safe for everyday use on hair replacement systems.

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(4) Daily Conditioning

Daily Conditioning

While we don’t recommend everyday shampooing for remy hair, using a mild conditioner as part of your daily hair system maintenance is alright. In fact, we recommend it for your hair replacement system as it keeps hair strands moisturised. With remy hair being the finest-quality hairpiece you can get, it’s best to keep it that way with regular conditioning.

Conditioners that are safe for hair replacement systems not only keep the tangles and fizz away, they help maintain hair strength and reduce hair breakage, too. Here’s the right way to do it: (1) wash your hair with plain water or shampoo, then rise, (2) lather in the conditioner and rinse off, (3) to keep the hairpiece hydrated and mosturised all day, apply a spray-on leave-in conditioner.

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(5) No to Chemical Treatments

No to Chemical Treatments

Not to rub it in, but remy hair replacement systems are the most expensive kind (pun intended). So yes, don’t rub or pull at it, or tangle and tousle your high-quality investment, please. A remy hairpiece is made of real human hair, and chemicals or chemical treatments can damage the hair’s protein structure, making hair brittle, discoloured, and prone to breakage and shedding.

As such, we don’t recommend getting a perm or a bleach, colouring or rebonding, or any of the usual salon services that might expose your remy hairpiece to heat and UV light. Besides, for hair treatments like these, salons use professional-grade products that may contain harsh chemicals. That includes silicone-based shampoos and conditioners that may also weaken the hairpiece bonding.

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Keeping a remy hairpiece in good shape requires the commitment of its wearer. As in all other hair replacement systems, the lifespan of the hairpiece largely depends on the quality of the material it is made of, as much as regular hair system maintenance that you put into it. Simply put, the more personal care you put into your hair system, the longer it will last.

Remy hairpieces should be washed twice weekly, on average. Too much washing can lead to dryness and shedding but accumulated oil and dirt will also make the hairpiece dull-looking and sticky. Some have experienced itching or flaking with a hairpiece that was inadequately cleaned.

Here at Aremyhair, aside from the monthly maintenance service that comes with our hair replacement package, you’ll also get professional styling and free advice on caring for your remy hairpiece. So, pop into our studio, and have a chat with us!

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