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At Aremyhair, people and hair are our twin passions.

Innovation, integrity and caring are at the core of our MISSION.

Our goal is simple: We want to give our customers the confidence and joy of being comfortable with their own personal style. 
We respect individuality, which is why we constantly innovate our products and techniques to suit each of our customers and provide them with the best service possible .

We don’t believe in hard-selling. We believe in support.

Because we believe that hair loss is a highly personal issue, we also believe that a hair loss solution is a personal choice, which no one but you can make for yourself.

Our commitment to supporting every single one of our clients before, during and after the hair replacement process has always set us apart. In fact, we’ve already been recognised in the past for our dedication to transparency and fair trade.

We pledge to provide you with hair that is



Customized to you

In just 90 minutes

A great head of hair goes a long way towards making you look great.

Hair is an important part of who you are, which makes losing it a major step back for your self-confidence. Thing is, 80% of men suffer from the physical and emotional strain of hair loss at some point. People see you as older, making it more difficult to compete with those who are younger.

Because surgery isn’t always a viable option, we at AremyHair strive to make sure you have a great-looking hair by implanting real human hair into a micro-thin artificial skin.

The result: a completely undetectable hair loss solution and a whole, new you.