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At Aremyhair, we understand how important it is for customers to get the most out of their hair replacement systems. So we’re going yet another extra mile to help you! 

Apart from providing well-rounded services and ensuring that our customers know how to properly maintain their hair, Aremyhair has also rolled out a warranty programme for hairpiece purchases Introducing AREMY CARE from Aremyhair!

With the global challenges brought on by COVID-19, the quality of hairpieces from suppliers all over the world have declined. As such, many are less durable and are of lower quality compared to those produced before the pandemic. 

While some hair replacement studios in Singapore may claim otherwise, you can protect your investment by looking into studios that offer hairpiece warranty in black-and-white. And that’s exactly what you get at Aremyhair. 

With the AREMY CARE warranty programme, hairpieces purchased from Aremyhair are eligible for replacement or repairs if they are found to be faulty. The warranty covers hairpieces that are purchased at full price, and come with these VALUE-ADDING BENEFITS:


Protection for your investment and against faulty products


Assurance of quality in these times of pandemic-induced instability

Less Worries

Guarantee that your hairpiece provider will NOT hang you out to dry

Get this added layer of protection on your hair replacement system now, only here at Aremyhair. For only $68, you can sign up for a warranty opt-in on our $488 promotional package. Find out more from our friendly front desk staff NOW!