We have collected the questions that we are most often asked by our new customers and put together some answers for you. If you have any questions that we don’t answer here then please feel free to contact us.

General FAQ

1. I’m only starting to lose my hair. Should I wait?

No. The more hair you still have, the less chance there is of anyone noticing the change. We can always add more hair, if your baldness progresses. This way you will maintain a balanced appearance while keeping you looking and feeling your best.

2. Am I psychologically ready?

You are as ready as you’ll ever be. The longer you wait and the more hair you lose, the harder the decision to correct your hair loss will become. The fact that you’re reading this shows you want to improve your appearance. Do it now! Don’t go through the trauma of getting balder.

3. Isn’t the whole idea unnatural and vain?

Is it vain to cap your teeth or wear contact lenses? No. Today we are open-minded enough to realize and understand that improving our appearance can also improve our well-being and self-esteem. There is nothing wrong with improving your appearance and we’re sure you will look and feel better about yourself.

4. How will I feel?

In one word… FANTASTIC! Not only will you have more hair, but you’ll have hair you can style and hair that will enhance your own natural features. You will look and feel years younger, be full of confidence in personal and professional situations or when just relaxing around the house.

5. What will people say?

All they can say is that you look great. In most cases, people won’t even realize that you have more hair. They may think you lost weight or perhaps look younger. In any case, if people do notice, they’ll only comment on how good you look.

6. Is special care required?

No more care than you would have had with your own natural hair. Shampoo and condition when necessary, let dry naturally or blow dry into your favorite style, the choice is yours. Feel free to swim, play sports, entertain or just relax. Whatever your life-style demands, your hair is here to stay.

7. Is it painful?

No. iAremyhair utilizes a method that is totally painless and blends with your own existing hair

8. Can you tell?

No. Because the hair is 100% natural. You’ve probably walked by hundreds of people who have had their hair restored and you would never know it.

9. Will your salespeople pressure me?

Absolutely not. We realize that in order for you to be completely satisfied with your hair replacement decision, the choice must be yours, and must not be a result of sales-pressure tactics. We are simply here to guide you through the decision making process, not to apply sales-pressure tactics.

10. Will it look natural?

Yes! The hair replacement industry has made many great advancements in recent years, which have led to more natural-looking hair. However, every person is different and we will discuss the best options for you at your initial consultation. Remember, the best way to find the answers to all of your questions is to give us a call to set up a free, personal consultation. Call us at (65) 6225 2022.

11. Do you help men and women?

Yes! We provide separate appointments for men and women. In fact, we even help children. We can help you deal with hair loss that is a result of many other factors besides male pattern baldness.

12. Is it confidential?

Confidentiality and discretion are two promises that we keep at iAremyhair. Many men and women have real difficulty in dealing with hair loss. That is not at all uncommon.

When a person first starts to notice significant hair loss, it can be a genuinely unsettling experience. Denial usually follows the initial shock. After early denial, many people move into a period of stoic resignation. These are the usual resultant stages of hair loss. One thing persistently remains: the painful disappointment that hair loss causes. Each individual has his or her own way of reacting, but we would like to invite you to see us at iAremyhair.

13. How much will this cost?

As each person’s hair loss problems are distinctly different from others, our prices also vary with each individual. The best way to find out what you can expect to pay for hair replacement is to set up a short consultation with one of our hair loss experts. You will see that we really can help you and we will find a hair loss program that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Technical FAQ

2. What is your warranty?

Two months on materials and labor.

3. When I get some gray hairs in my own hair, how do you accommodate my custom-designed hairpiece for the gradual changes in color?

We add gray to match your own hair color and can expedite the process by using a highly skilled local service.

4. How does your hairpiece differ from the toupees worn by some people?

Many early hair systems, including some toupees today, are made from bulky materials and use synthetic or low quality hair. Today, modern technology has given us the tools to make a virtually undetectable hair system. It truly looks like you! Your natural looking hairpiece is semi-permanently bonded to your scalp and can be worn anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

5. Will I be able to style my hair anyway I want?

Absolutely! You can wear it back, part it in the middle or on the side. This is now your hair and behaves just like your own living, growing hair.

6. How do I care for my hair?

We provide monthly professional maintenance in our service center. You can also shampoo, blow-dry and style your hairpiece at home or while on vacation.

7. Which do you think is the superior attachment method, tapes, clips, or bonding?

If you want to swim and in a windy environment, we recommend SEMI PERMANENT METHOD. You can wear your hair piece while sleeping, during showers, and while swimming or enjoying your favorite sports, you also must have the hair piece removed, reattached every 2 or 4 weeks.

8. How do I take care of my hair replacement?

When your system arrives in the mail, you will need to first take it to a hair stylist to have it cut, thinned and blended into your own hair.

Clean your hairpiece with a mild shampoo(Special Shampoo), use cream type Conditioners(Balsam) that do NOT contain Lanolin, polymers, or heavy oils. Use leave on spray conditioner also to keep the hair soft and pliable. Use the deep conditioner once per week to prevent dryness and use the Detangler spray to keep the hair from tangling. And never use any alcohol based styling aids as they will dry the hair.

We offer superior formulated products that have been designed for iAremyhair. and we price these at fabulous wholesale prices.

9. What is the French Lace Front?

If you’re just starting to lose and want a natural looking front hairline, this is the way to go.

Single hair front knotting with a naturally staggered front hair line. Size may be easily altered.

The lace front is a very thin material that is located at the front of the unit form temple to temple and back about 2?-3?or so. The lace front is attached with a special lace tape because the tape offers a tighter hold and it doesn’t reflect through the lace.

Introduced in the past year, the lace fornt has been described as a breakthough technology in hair pieces and 50% of our clients order them. It is, however, extremely fragile and need replacing every 6 months.

The client must treat it very gently.

You’d probably need to replace the lace front two or three times before the rest of the piece wears out.

10. What is the Scallop Front?

This is a thin clear skin-like polyurethane material designed to be semi-circles along the hairline, thus giving a realistic appearance. This type of front is attached using a tape adhesive. You’d probably need to replace the scallop front two or three times before the rest of the piece wears out.