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Home » Blog » COLOR ENVY NO MORE: How to Add Color to Thinning Hair

COLOR ENVY NO MORE: How to Add Color to Thinning Hair

Home » Blog » COLOR ENVY NO MORE: How to Add Color to Thinning Hair
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iAremyhair color chices for thin hair

Honey Blonde, Ginger Brunette, and Apricot Red may sound like trending social media influencers or today’s hottest beauty vloggers…but no. 

And if you’re thinking of exotic dancers, then wrong again. But trending, hot, and exotic they are for sure. We’re talking about hair colors you’ll be seeing a lot of this year!

It’s just past the first quarter of 2020 and social media is abuzz with Gigi Hadid’s lustrous honey-blonde locks, Beyonce’s bodacious brunette mane, and Emma Stone’s luscious red ‘dos. So why not you?

Just because you have fine or thinning hair doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Read on and we’ll tell you how to add body and color to make you and your crowning glory stand out!

Add color to fine, thin hair with Toppik Hair-Building Fibers

Coloring thin hair—is it a good idea?

First, let’s get the big question out of the way: Is it okay to color thin or fine hair? Yes, of course! In fact, the right products could even add strength to your hair strands and protect them from breaking.

Permanent hair color is damaging when you bleach your hair or if you’re using products with harmful chemicals. But now there are lots of organic or natural products to choose from, so choose well.

If you have baby-fine, flat, or thinning hair, however, it’s best to dye your hair with a base color that’s not too dark. Remember: the darker the base color, the more the scalp will show through.

The same goes for highlights. Yes, it’s okay to have them even if your hair is thin—just veer away from high-contrast colors. Instead, choose highlights that complement your natural hair color.

Hair colors you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2020

Also, when getting your highlights done, make sure they’re not too chunky (like the stripes down a skunk’s back). Subtlety is key, especially since you don’t want any more of your scalp to be visible.

For Asians, rich chocolate or cocoa hues go well with lighter complexions. If your skin tone is on the dusky side, however, warm red or mahogany shades could work as both full-hair color or highlights.

What other options do you have?

Getting a hair replacement procedure is a long-term solution, but you have to be prepared for the cost. For instance, the standard fees at Aremyhair are a little under SGD1000, without hidden charges.

If you’re still not convinced, then maybe it’s time for an innovative alternative: hair-building fibers. These over-the-counter, non-surgical thinning-hair solutions add color and lushness to your locks.

Toppik Hair-building Fibers are good for hiding small bald patches and thinned-out spots. They also help conceal sparse part lines; cover-up extension tracks; and touch up roots between hair colorings.

The fibers are made out of the same keratin protein you find in real human hair. Toppik Hair-building Fibers bind with your hair naturally through static—just shake, spray, style, and be on your way!

Other hair-thickening fibers are extracted from animal nails or bones, or made out of cotton or plant material, which neither produce the same static effect nor look as natural as Toppik’s.

Toppik Hair-building Fibers are resistant to precipitation, wind, even rain. They stay in place for up to two days unless you shampoo it off. You’ll only need a little touch-up to refresh your look.

How do you add color using hair-building fibers?

Toppik Hair-building Fibers come in nine shades that can be mixed and matched to complement your natural hair color and skin tone. But which colors should you pick to get the look you want?

Toppik Hair Color Chart - iAremyhair blog

Pro Tip #1:

Under natural light, give yourself a thorough check in the mirror to see what hair-building fiber color is the closest match to your natural hair, then compare to the Toppik Color Swatch.

Pro Tip #2

Since sunlight hits the hair on top of our head first, it looks lighter than the rest of your hair, hence, we suggest a darker shade as a base color.

Pro Tip #3

Decide if you want to layer different colors directly onto your hair, or pre-mix different-colored hair-building fibers before applying them. (For newbies, we at Aremyhair suggest mixing.)

When you’re layering, pick the color that closely resembles your natural hair. Using the Toppik Hair Spray Applicator, start by spraying the darker shade at the roots, then top it off with a lighter hue.

When you’re pre-mixing, take about ¾ of the lighter color and ¼ of the darker color, then mix them into a bowl or an empty bottle. Then shake the well-mixed fibers onto your hair and pat it into place.

Pro Tip #4

Use the Toppik Spray Applicator to make sure that you’re applying the colors evenly and precisely. Then finish off with the Toppik FiberHold Spray to seal in the fibers and add luster to hair.

Pro Tip #5

The exact measurements of color will vary depending on the final shade you’re going for. Apply a little at a time from the roots then repeat the process until you get the look you want.

So, if you’re going for the honeyed, brown tone, use the Medium Brown or Dark Brown Toppik Hair-building Fibers first, then top it off with Light Blond highlights.

If you want to go strawberry blonde, mix three quarters of the Light Blonde with one quarter Auburn Toppik Hair-building Fibers. Or you can add a little more auburn for a richer red shade.

Thinking of going full-on platinum? Take ¼ White and ¾ Light Blonde. What about salt-and-pepper? Then use Dark Brown or Black and follow through with some Gray or White fibers.

Quick and easy steps on how to apply Toppik Hair-building Fibers

So, now there’s no stopping you from being on-trend even if you have fine or thin hair. The best part is, using Toppik Hair-building Fibers isn’t just safer than dyeing your hair, it’s cheaper too!

A 12g bottle costs SGD50; the 27.5g Economy size is SGD100; and the Giant 55g bottle, SGD176. If you’re using it daily, a 12g bottle will last about 30 days, and a 27.5g bottle is good for about 60 days.

At Aremyhair, the Regular, Economy, and Giant sizes are currently on sale with discounts of up to 20 percent, so shop now! We’re an authorized distributor of Toppik products in Singapore, so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal, not counterfeits from some online sellers.

With Toppik Hair-building Fibers, you can live with color and look fab even with thinning or sparse hair. Now, go flaunt your lustrous locks and do that hair-flip with all-out confidence!

Consult with our specialists at Aremyhair to get an expert opinion on how to address your hair concerns. Check out our products and services or call us now at +65 6225 2022 +65 9641 3620.



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