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How do you treat progressive hair loss? People often raise this question with a hint of desperation as hair loss treatment seems to be a race against time. Fortunately, there are several options available today. So, if you’re looking for long-term solutions or a fast hair loss treatment, that can be arranged!

To better weigh your options, here’s a quick hair loss showdown to give you an overview. Read on so you can make informed decisions moving forward!

Hair Volumising Products/Hair Loss Concealers

First up are products that add volume versus those that are made to conceal thinning areas. While they don’t necessarily correct hair loss, they can give an illusion of fullness, which is enough for some people. With that said, it’s a good quick fix that can leave you with natural-looking results.

Hair Volumising Products

When you have enough hair left to be styled, you can get creative with hair volumizing products. They can be in the form of root lifting sprays, creams, shampoos, and conditioners. It gives the illusion of fullness because it causes the hair to stick out more from the scalp.

The spray and cream versions use cationic polymers that coat each hair strand to achieve that ‘hold’ that lifts hair away from the head. Sprays are mainly used on the first inch of the hair, while creams are applied on the middle portion of the hair to add subtle stiffness. Hence, they are often used together to achieve better volume and body.

The same can be achieved with hair care products like volumising shampoos and conditioners. They have special blends that coat the hair strands to strengthen the hair cortex and reduce oiliness. If your goal is to add more body to your hair, skip products that weigh it down at the roots. For example, dry shampoos cleanse without leaving residue, which adds weight. Since the scalp naturally produces sebum, oil control compounds are also crucial in a volumising product so that hair doesn’t lie flat and limp.

For the health-conscious, there are all-natural formulas that are available too. However, with fewer ingredients that can pass this requirement, they’re not always as effective. It’s synthetic ingredients like polymers that give great hair volumizing benefits.

Hair Loss Concealers

Concealers are designed to make areas with hair thinning appear like they’re covered by thick, full hair. Some concealers work by changing the colour of your scalp, while others use fibres that cling to your hair to add the illusion of thickness.

Fibre concealers are made from proteins (keratin) with a consistency that’s like coarse powder. These have a static charge which allows the material to cling to your natural hairs when sprinkled or sprayed. With proper application it remains firmly attached to your natural hair.

Liquid concealers are applied like mascaras that coat each hair shaft with particles to make it appear thicker. It can also be applied on the skin to cover up areas with lesser hair density.

Between volumising products and hair loss concealers, your choice boils down to how well it can conceal hair loss. They are best used on areas where hair has grown sparse, or on small bald spots. A volumising product can give the illusion of fuller hair only if you have the patience and creativity to style it. Concealers, on the other hand, are easier to apply. But it must be done properly so that it appears natural. Volumising products work best on longer hair, while a concealer is more suited for shorter hair.

Hair Volumising Products/Hair Loss Concealers

Hair Dye Sprays/Hair Tattoo

Our second contenders differ in that one is applied over the skin, while the other goes a few layers deep. Let’s take a closer look at what hair dye sprays have to offer against hair tattoos.

Hair Dye Sprays

When parts of your scalp are starting to peek through due to extensive thinning, spray on hair dyes can help cover and colour these spots. Acting like a filler of sorts, it can spruce up fine and thinning hair.

Spray-on hair dyes can cover bald spots, thinning areas, gray hair, root regrowth, and even extension tracks. Besides covering up imperfections, it also gives the appearance of fuller hair. The application can last up to 3-4 shampoos, and it doesn’t leave your hair damaged after every use.

Hair Tattoo

If you want results that are longer-lasting, a hair tattoo is a good alternative. Also referred to as scalp micropigmentation, it’s a form of permanent makeup that uses micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. It sounds like your traditional tattoo method, but not quite. This process involves a smaller needle, a different type of ink, and it doesn’t go way too deep into the skin.

In advanced forms of baldness, it’ll appear like you have hair stubbles all over your head, like a short buzz cut. It also makes areas with hair thinning appear dense. This method is also used to restore a receding hairline. Results can typically last 4-6 years, then you can get touch-ups to maintain the look.

Spray-on hair dyes and hair tattoos both answer different needs. One is a quick fix that you can do on your own, especially for certain hair ‘emergencies’. But if you wish to enjoy results longer and you’re unbothered by needles, hair tattoos can work for you. However, it’s expected that this step requires more time, money, and professional care.

Hair Dye Sprays/Hair Tattoo

Hair Loss Medication/Hair Growing Creams

Now, let’s move on to solutions that aim to restore hair loss and not just to conceal it. Hair loss medications and hair growing creams are designed to encourage hair growth, but they work on different levels.

Hair Loss Medications

Medicines for hair loss are made to address androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. It comes in pills and topical solutions. These drugs act on the hormone that triggers hair loss and it also promotes hair growth.

What’s reassuring about medications is that they have been backed by science and successful results. But along with therapeutic action are some side effects too. In oral medications, men have reported loss of interest in sex, trouble having an orgasm, and impotence. Topical hair loss drugs are also known to occasionally cause scalp sensitivity, skin dryness, and irritation.

Despite these side effects, the benefits of hair loss medications still outweigh them. That’s why they remain to be the prescribed treatment to control hair loss and promote hair growth. Any side effect should be raised with your doctor for proper advice and monitoring. If you stop treatment on your own, hair loss will only progress.

Hair Growing Creams

A less aggressive approach to your medicated topical treatments are commercial hair growing creams. These products are made to promote longer, thicker, and fuller hair through proprietary blends that provide nourishment for damaged hair strands.

These products don’t usually undergo stringent studies to prove their effectiveness. However, you can always refer to online reviews to see how it is for others. Some of these creams may seem like ‘snake-oil’ treatments, but there are also reliable brands in the market today.

If you want a more direct approach in tackling hair loss, medications would be a good option. It will be a lifelong commitment that comes with risks, but they are proven to stop and reverse hair loss. However, if you want to skip the problematic side effects of medications, creams would be safe and milder alternatives. It’s also worth knowing that both treatments will take time.

Hair Loss Medication/Hair Growing Creams

Hair Surgery/Hair Replacement System

Now, on to our final contenders! These hair loss solutions are known to provide drastic changes, but on opposite ends of the spectrum! One is an invasive treatment that offers permanent results, while the other is a non-invasive option that is long-lasting.

Hair Surgery

The biggest step in correcting hair loss is surgical hair restoration. It’s considered the last resort that is best advised after you’ve tried all other non-invasive treatments only to end up unsatisfied.

Hair transplant involves removing donor hairs from unaffected areas of the scalp and implanting them into bald areas. This treatment has come a long way since its infamous hair plug debacle decades ago. With the advancement in tools and techniques it’s possible to achieve natural-looking results.

However, even though hair surgery is the gold standard in hair restoration, not everyone gets to choose it. First, doctors see to it that you’re a good candidate for surgery. Second, potential patients are put off by the exorbitant cost of this procedure, and some don’t have the time to wait several months for results.

Furthermore, surgery comes with side effects such as bleeding, scarring, and poor wound closure if the strip method is used. This is why you should never cut corners if you choose surgery because it deals with limited resources, and repairing a botched hair transplant can cost you even more.

Hair Replacement System

If you’re not keen to undergo a hair transplant, or if your budget is not enough for the whole nine yards, a hair replacement system is a great quick fix! These are essentially wigs or toupees with better quality, which makes it impossible to tell apart from natural hair.

What’s amazing about hair replacement is that these are customisable pieces. Instead of stock hair systems you can buy off the shelf, hair replacement systems can be styled specifically for you. They can make it as realistic as possible, age appropriate, and even match it to your own hair colour. They’re also secured well so that you can wear them anytime, anywhere with confidence (yes, even while you swim)!

These hairpieces are made with bases or caps that are comfortable to wear and they’re virtually undetectable. It’s an affordable, non-invasive alternative to a hair transplant.

At iAremyhair, we use top quality materials that undergo a meticulous manufacturing process that ensures excellent durability. On average, a hair replacement system can last about 6-10 months with daily use before you need to have it repaired or replaced.

Overall, both are attractive solutions. If you want long-term benefits, hair transplant surgery is worth investing in. But if you’re looking for a fast hair loss treatment, hair replacements can give you comparable results which you can also enjoy for long periods of time.

Hair Surgery/Hair Replacement System

Now you have it. We hope that the information we shared here would help you in any way as you go through your list of options. If you wish to know more about hair replacement systems, we would be happy to discuss it more with you. Just book an appointment with us through these numbers, +65 6225 2022 or +65 9641 3620.



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