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Hair Replacement System

The latest in hair loss solutions, Aremyhair’s unique and revolutionary hair replacement system is undetectable—resulting in hair that looks like it’s always been there.

Our system is made up of human hair that has been implanted into a micro-thin layer of artificial skin. After the hair has been implanted into this skin, we bond the skin gently onto your scalp during a painless, non-surgical process that takes less than 90 minutes, with a 100% success rate.

Most importantly, we do not practise any hard-sell tactics! This means a 0% (we hope) complaint rate on the internet.

We offer our clients

Why choose Aremyhair?

Well, why would you trust your good looks to someone without the necessary skills and experience?

At Aremyhair, we have a team of highly experienced full-time hair replacement specialists ready to serve you.

Many of our clients have come to us after exhausting other hair loss solutions, which didn’t work out so well for them. They know about us from their own research, and say these about us:

  • Client-focused culture
  • Transparent pricing
  • Handmade hair
  • Level of client support and service
  • Payment schemes
  • Ability to see things from the client’s point of view

are what keeps them coming back.

For hair that fits your lifestyle
(and not the other way around).

With the Aremyhair hair replacement system, you won’t have to worry about changing a single aspect of your everyday life because your new hair adapts to you. You can be confident and relaxed in the shower, the gym, outdoors or in bed.


Achieve a full head of hair, affordably.

Costing an average of $988, Aremyhair hair replacement systems start at $488, with a range of membership plans to suit your budget. Our pricing is transparent and true with absolutely no hidden charges.