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Be careful of what you read online from non-hair professionals ?. A particular post appeared from what we came across on recent comparison sites.

Though we were happy to be naturally well placed in those rankings ?? due to our years of tireless service and uncompromising honesty, we felt a deep need to share some Hard Truths about Hair Replacement System with our future clients.

One of the top questions clients ask us is this: How Durable Is Your Hair Replacement System?

The truth is this:
If promised extreme durability, your hair may look less natural as the replacement hair is likely denser and comes with thick skin and a hard net.
Natural looks will always come with matching hair, skin, and net that fit into your crowning glory like a glove. The fact you will have to accept is depending on how well you care for it, wear and tear is inevitable and a Hair System can only last 2 – 5 months

To give a similar analogy: a truck tire with super thick layers and extensive, deep threads will last longer, wouldn’t it? ?

This infographic will also give you more insights into your final choice. See it for yourself!

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