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Five essential considerations when choosing the best hair replacement studio in Singapore—and it’s not just the price.
5 Factors in Choosing a Hair Replacement Studio - Aremyhair Blog

Losing one’s hair is a real concern that inevitably affects our self-confidence, the way we interact with others, and how we see ourselves. Fortunately for the millions of people suffering from hair loss worldwide, there is one solution that’s convenient, non-invasive, and very much accessible. 

We’re talking about a hair replacement system, which anyone can get regardless of age and gender. But with the increasing number of new operations cropping up, how can you distinguish reputable hair replacement studios from fly-by-night businesses? And should pricing be the primary consideration in a hair replacement studio?

In this blog, we’re giving you the five most important factors to consider when choosing the best hair replacement system in Singapore. Yes, some studios may offer incredibly low prices, but are they equipped to give you the service you need? 

Read on to get the big picture on hair replacement studios in Singapore, and learn what you’re actually paying for with the more established hair treatment providers.

1. Experience and Expertise

Experience and Expertise - Aremyhair

The reputation of a hair replacement studio depends a lot on its credibility and the status it has built over the years. However, for any business, few things are more valuable than the knowledge and insight gained from experience. And when it comes to knowing the target market and understanding the industry, it’s the more experienced studio that has the upper hand.

Back in the ‘90s, there were few options for men and women suffering from hair loss––the weaving method looked unnatural, thick and bulky, while results from hair transplants and hair regrowth treatments were ambiguous. There was no guaranteed way for one to obtain a full head of natural-looking hair. 

Seeing a lack of a better solution, Aremyhair spearheaded a new wave of bonding methods to the Singapore market. Since then, the company has continually enhanced its services while adopting the latest products and technology.

After more than 15 years in the business, the company has gained much industry respect and received accolades, including a Promising 500 SME Award in 2012. It was included in the Circle of Excellence in Beauty & Wellness Industry in 2013. In addition, it won the Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award (Most Innovative) in the Promising Enterprise Category in 2015. Most recently, Aremyhair was named the Best Custom Hair Replacement Specialists during APAC Insider’s South-East Asia Business Awards 2020.

2. High-Quality Products & Services

High-Quality Products and Services - Aremyhair

When it comes to high-quality hair replacements, the main objective is to make it look so natural that nobody can tell it’s not real—that’s why high-quality materials and craftsmanship are crucial. At Aremyhair, we don’t just sell hairpieces and leave you to put them on by yourself. Instead, we offer a full-service hair replacement system with all the bells and whistles.

Other hair studios may be cheaper. However, quality may be compromised to support their lower rates––you may not be given the best possible services or products despite being told otherwise, such as scrimping on or being stingy about the amount of adhesives applied.

To Aremyhair, a hairpiece purchase is not just a transaction, it is a promise to all our clients that we will do our utmost to ensure that each hairpiece lasts as long as possible. That means sparing no expense on providing the best available hairpieces, products, services, and user advice. We go the extra mile by providing free touch-ups, free adjustments, warranties, and even repairs, in special cases. 

With an average of 700 customers a month, Aremyhair stylists are formally trained hair replacement specialists who focus their time and attention on each customer. And they’re able to do so as we have a dedicated backend team to support them fully.

3. Transparency

Transparency - Aremyhair

Transparency is crucial when it comes to building a trusting relationship with customers. That’s why at Aremyhair, we’ve always been upfront about our prices, products, services, and latest industry happenings. There are no secrets here.

The thing is, not many studios will tell you that all hair replacement systems are handmade and susceptible to production issues such as hair fall or hair breakage. There are no perfect hairpieces. Even fewer studios are willing to support their clients through these issues—and this is where Aremyhair’s warranty and free repairs set us apart.

Here’s a look at our hairpiece prices:

  • Basic Hairpieces at $488 on selected designs
  • Standard Hairpiece at $988, with no hidden charges. These are up to 6 inches long, with hair colour that caters to the local market.
  • Customised Hairpieces such as those with white hairs added to it; longer hair (yes, we cater to women too); or a non-standard hairpiece size. Prices range from $1,200 to $1,800.

Beyond that, we have per-service fees of $85, which cover all necessary services, including professional cleaning of the Hairpiece, trimming your natural hair to match the Hairpiece, and reattaching or reinforcing the bonding of the Hairpiece as needed.

Aremyhair also offers annual packages with flexible payment plans such as paying-as-you-go. Our most basic package comprises three hairpieces and 20 services. Customers are also entitled to a loyalty program to earn rewards for their patronage.

Aremyhair has always set the benchmark for industry pricing. Newer players have based their prices around ours by adjusting their prices slightly below ours or coming up with attractive deals in a bid to lure customers.

Some would price their Hairpiece at $468 versus our $488 basic full-skin pieces. Some even give out a free hairpiece after hitting a certain minimum spending.

These deals may sound attractive, but you are very likely to be subject to their choice of hair design and an unknown hairpiece lifespan, which they do not disclose, so you could end up paying more.

Our customers have 100% say in their purchases with our transparency and prices. We’ll never ask you to sign up for a package on your first consultation. We’d rather you sign up for a package only after you’ve tried out our products through our beginner programme.

4. Customer Support

Customer Support - Aremyhair

More than the sales pitch, it’s customer testimonials that prove the success of a product or service. For almost two decades, Aremyhair has earned the trust of Singapore clients—many of whom are repeat customers. And to show gratitude for their confidence in the company, Aremyhair has implemented a loyalty programme–making us the first hair replacement specialist in the industry to reward clients for their every spending.

Moreover, a study conducted by Singapore Management University (SMU) backs Aremyhair’s claims with hard facts about its products and services. SMU’s research shows what respondents appreciate most about Aremyhair is that they don’t do hard-selling, neither at pre-consultation nor post-consultation stages.

Aremyhair has always believed in an ethical way to run the business—reflected in the company’s culture, social responsibility, and a stable work environment with a low staff turnover. Each of our stylists have been with us for an average of 8 years!

5. Convenient Location

Convenient Location - Aremyhair

A convenient location is not just about accessibility but also comfort and privacy, especially for a hair replacement studio. Unlike many operations where clients are serviced in a shared room, each Aremyhair customer gets their private space. 

Aside from the comforts of our physical facilities, we’ve also streamlined our online contact points for added convenience and privacy of our customers. At the Aremyhair studio, our appointment booking system ensures that customers do not have to wait long or queue for service in a waiting room.

While some may argue that price is still king, Aremyhair believes there is so much more than meets the eye. Our price goes hand-in-hand with the harmonious ecosystem that we have carefully curated to give our clients full support.

Do you have any more questions for Aremyhair? Tap the button below so we can address your concerns today. Whether you talk to us or give us feedback, Aremyhair is always willing to listen.



Registered and based in Singapore, Aremyhair manufactures and uses custom-made, non-surgical hair replacement solutions as well as treatment for thinning and damaged hair. For hair that looks like it’s always been there, get Aremyhair: non-surgical, completely undetectable, customised hair in just 90 minutes.


Innovation, Integrity and Caring are at the core of our mission, which is To help people regain their self-confidence by providing a unique and credible approach to personalized hair loss solutions, using state-of-the-art technology and techniques in a supportive environment.

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