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Home » Blog » 7 Reasons Why a Hair Replacement System is a Good Interim Solution or Last Recourse

7 Reasons Why a Hair Replacement System is a Good Interim Solution or Last Recourse

Home » Blog » 7 Reasons Why a Hair Replacement System is a Good Interim Solution or Last Recourse
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Losing your hair can put you in full panic mode, especially when you realise that you’re shedding much faster than you expect. However, the sheer volume of solutions available out there makes it difficult to know what is right for you, and we get how you must feel.

A hair replacement system is one such solution for those who want to see and experience change as soon as possible. It can either be an interim option or a last recourse for hair loss in men and women alike. Here are 7 reasons that will help convince you why this is so.

1. You get guaranteed results with no side effects in a fraction of the time.

We understand that you want change and you want it fast. Well, that’s possible with hair replacement systems. 

While the process of obtaining natural hair regrowth through medication and surgery is appealing, they require a long waiting period for any observable result. Medications and hair transplant can take several months to give you significant improvements.

With hair replacement, on the other hand, you are guaranteed to get a full head of hair in just a couple of weeks, depending on how long it will take to finish your custom-made hairpiece. 

2. You can wear them confidently anytime, anywhere!

Hairpieces didn’t always get a warm reception, especially in the past, and that’s because they often looked obviously fake. You might’ve seen awkward-looking toupees accidently falling off or wigs looking so out of place.

But with the current crop of hair replacement systems, you are rest-assured that it will look and feel natural. So, if you need a quick fix for an upcoming event, you don’t have to wait an entire year to “grow” new hair. Just go get a custom hairpiece from a reliable hair replacement studio. No one will even notice that it’s not your actual hair and, as they are fixed in place using soft- or hard-bonding adhesives, rest assured that the hairpiece is well secured. 

They may not be permanent solutions, but hair replacement systems can be made to last long! Know how it can be done here.

3. They are customisable too—just like your hair transplant results

At Aremyhair, we’re big on customizing experiences. Each hairpiece is tailored-fit to our client’s unique facial features to ensure that it will look natural once they are worn. Just as meticulous hair transplant surgeries are executed, we also take great care in designing our hair systems.

To make it look natural, hair density, distribution, and even how your hair naturally parts, are all taken into consideration. Even if this is your last resort or if you’re looking for a quick fix, you are assured that the aesthetic outcome is never compromised. 

Whether you’re a cancer patient who is still waiting for your hair to grow after chemo, or you just came right out of a botched hair transplant, a hair replacement system can be a reliable way to hide your hair loss concerns. 

We want our work to speak for itself. Check out our BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS, here.

4. It’s a versatile non-surgical option.

A hair replacement system is a non-surgical option for everyone, regardless of how you lost your hair. It’s for individuals who may be dealing with medically related hair loss, burns, poor hair transplant results, or chemotherapy. It even works for progressive hair loss that you may have inherited. 

Hair transplant surgery only limits you to whatever is available in the donor areas. But with hair replacement systems, there’s no need for any donors. What’s more, you can get any hair color, style, length, texture, and density you want. 

What’s also great about hair replacement systems is that the process is completely reversible. If you’re no longer happy with it for whatever reason, you can simply have it removed. Surgery can’t be undone, but with this alternative, you can choose to stop or change it anytime. Even if this becomes your last resort, at least you can always choose to change hairstyles!

5. It’s a more affordable alternative to surgery. 

One of the winning aspects about a hair replacement system is that it’s substantially more affordable than a hair transplant. Surgical hair restoration in Singapore can range from$6,000 to as high as$20,000.  But wigs and other hair replacement systems only cost a fraction of what you have to spend for surgery. That gives anyone a chance to get a full head of hair as soon as possible without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. 

In addition, purchasing a hair system is also straightforward and simple. You just have to come into the studio and get one customised based on the specifications and features you want. You don’t need multiple appointments or a prescription, unlike medication or surgery. In fact, there are ready-made units available in stores, but you can always choose to have one tailor-fitted for you!

Know how much you will be paying for with our hair replacement systems, check out our TRANSPARENT PRICING!

6. It’s a safer and painless option than medications and surgery

As they say, “no pain, no gain.” But with a hair replacement system, you don’t have to suffer for the sake of beauty. 

Hair transplant surgery may be minimally invasive, but it still creates trauma. That means you need to endure pain and soreness. That is just part and parcel of the recovery process which can take weeks, with the risk of scarring and infection. Moreover, a botched surgery can leave you permanently scarred. So when surgery is out of the question for you, or you may still be on the fence about it, at least there’s a non-surgical alternative you can use now that can give comparable results.

Besides the risks associated with surgery, there are also pressing concerns about hair loss medications too. Studies have shown that prolonged use of some of the most reliable hair loss drugs are associated with worrying side effects such as erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive, and brain fog. 

A hair replacement system is an optimal option for those who prefer not to take those risks and to avoid such discomforts. You shouldn’t have to end up losing something else to gain a full head of hair!

Get to know more about your options and read more about hair transplant and hair replacement systems.

7. It’s a reliable way to help you build confidence in the way you look

We’ve always held our hair replacement systems to a high standard because we want to build confidence in what we can offer you. Just because it’s a temporary solution or a last resort, doesn’t mean we will feed on your desperation and simply provide you with substandard results.

Aremyhair strives to give each customer a life-changing experience by proving that these temporary measures are reliable. You can reclaim that youthful appearance with hair replacement because we create it to your specifications. We also ensure that these are secured in place so you can enjoy your new look without having to worry about it falling off!

Read through our list of frequently asked questions to learn more about hair replacement systems.

Our long list of satisfied clients is proof that a hair replacement system is a viable way to correct female hair loss and hair loss in men. Besides getting the transformation you seek at the soonest possible time, we design it specifically for you! 

Wherever you are in your hair restoration journey, what we offer is an option you can use, change, or reverse anytime! Get in touch with us today, so we can help you through your temporary fixes or long term plans using hair replacement. 

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