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If you don’t know Jack, then you’re probably not Singaporean—nor Malaysian, nor anyone who’s ever laughed till they cried watching Money No Enough and Liang Po Po.

What you may not have known about Jack Neo, though, is that he and Aremyhair are about as inseparable as the bond between a hair replacement system and its good-looking wearer. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at how Jack Neo and Aremyhair have helped to shape the film industry of an entire nation. 

Big Screen Superstar

As actor, director, writer and producer, Jack Neo has made well over 20 blockbuster movies, making him one of the country’s most prolific filmmakers.

Jack has won prestigious awards such as the Singapore Cultural Medallion and Public Service Medal Award for contributing to the development of the local film industry. He has also won several awards overseas such as the International Management Action Award, CIFEJ prize at the 14th Cairo International Film Festival, and the Grand Prix Gold Swan at the 20th Moscow International Film Festival.

Jack’s film company, J Team Productions has grown to become one of Singapore’s foremost production houses. J Team’s Ah Boys to Men, whose production Aremyhair was proud to have been a small part of, became the country’s highest-grossing film of all time—until it was supplanted by its sequel which grossed over S$7 million. 

Always Hair For You

Jack has always been super supportive of the creative use of wigs and hairpieces in show business, having used them himself as everyone’s favourite granny, Liang Po Po and in other movies and shows.

Aremyhair provided wigs for the cast of a number of Neo’s movies including Ah Boys to Men as well as Long, Long Time Ago 1, 2 and 3. It would be the privilege of Aremyhair to continue to work with him in providing hair pieces for his cast if given the opportunity. 

Just as Aremyhair was there for some of his most important films, Jack has also been there for major Aremyhair events, such as this year’s Hair Show which he hosted with fellow celebrity, Wang Lei. The show allowed voters to choose which of four hair replacement contestants have the best makeover, with the 1st Prize winner walking away with S$388.

Jack is also credited with introducing Wang Lei to hair replacement systems, and shines in his exclusive coverage of Wang Lei’s hair replacement at Aremyhair. In it, he answers many of the questions people ask, such as “Is it painful?” and “Is it natural?”

Jack also discusses, in his inimitable fashion, how Aremyhair provides painless, personalised non-surgical hair replacement services.

As he and Lei crack jokes and enjoy casual banter, Jack explains how you can move around and have fun as soon as you step out of the studio with a new head of great-looking hair

Service A Star Can Believe In

Support for four major films notwithstanding, it’s easy to see why as big a star as Jack Neo supports Aremyhair. 

  • Quality. The hair replacement system you receive is superior quality for its type, whether it’s synthetic, natural or 100% Remy hair, and can last from three to 12 months. You can also rest assured that only top quality care and maintenance products are used and sold on-site. But most of all, the quality of the service provided by our carefully trained and experienced stylists and staff meets the highest standards.
  • Convenience. Aremyhair makes it so easy for you to get a new head of hair—in just 90 minutes and without any pain whatsoever, you can walk out of our studio sporting your brand new look. Centrally located at 10a Craig Road, our studio is as easy to get to, as it is to book an appointment or get in touch with us for any questions you may have about the hair replacement process.
  • Flexibility. You can choose a hair replacement system that suits your lifestyle, budget and physical features according to hair density, hair length and base material. The hair can be cut and styled to achieve your desired look. We understand that every client is unique and has specific needs and preferences which we do our best to accommodate at all times and in a timely manner. 
  • Undetectability. One of the best arguments for getting a hair replacement system from Aremyhair instead of a toupee or a wig is how natural it looks, and how nobody would be able to tell you’re wearing one unless you tell them. Others would be able to see you swimming, enjoying a breezy afternoon outdoors in your hair replacement and even brushing or combing it out afterwards.
  • Transparency. Arguably one of the foremost reasons why we have a growing base of loyal clients is the fact that we have absolutely no hidden charges, and that you know exactly what you’re paying for. We never ask for a prepayment, and we would never ask you to commit to a yearly package on your first consultation with us. We’re always clear and upfront about our rates, which vary according to your choice of customisations.
  • Care. Anybody who’s ever consulted us to continue to come to us regularly for their hair replacement systems will tell you that we genuinely care about our clients—we don’t just want them to be satisfied; we want them to be delighted. That means we’ll attend to your needs and troubleshoot on demand whenever the inevitable problems that beset naturally growing hair (i.e. tangles) arise.

Tell All Your Friends

Wang Lei loved the hair replacement system from Aremyhair introduced to him by Jack that he went on to tell many others about it and encourage them to try it out. Indeed, neither Jack or Wang Lei have been the only celebrity endorsers for Aremyhair, which was the first hair replacement studio to engage a local celebrity for this purpose. 

Aremyhair’s first ever celebrity endorsement came from Yao Wen Long, who promoted Aremyhair with the firm conviction that there really was no cure for hair loss. That endorsement was soon followed by a collaboration with hair replacement superstars from American Hair Line, in which Aremyhair staged the country’s first-ever live hair show.

And with several clients with superstar-level hair replacement styles to back up Aremyhair’s superstar supporters, you know your hair is in safe hands at our studio. Find out how you can get a new head of celebrity-style hair just like the stars—book your appointment for a consultation at Aremyhair, today. 




Registered and based in Singapore, Aremyhair manufactures and uses custom-made, non-surgical hair replacement solutions as well as treatment for thinning and damaged hair. For hair that looks like it’s always been there, get Aremyhair: non-surgical, completely undetectable, customised hair in just 90 minutes.


Innovation, Integrity and Caring are at the core of our mission, which is To help people regain their self-confidence by providing a unique and credible approach to personalized hair loss solutions, using state-of-the-art technology and techniques in a supportive environment.

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