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Aremyhair’s pricing has always been transparent, as our objective is for you to know exactly what you’re paying for.
    • Full-Skin Design (6-inch length, Dark hair, Top up $68 for warranty): $488
    • In-House Hairpieces (Q6 / AFL , 7″x9″, 8″x10″, 6-inch length, Dark hair) : $988
    • Eastern European Hair (Favoured by many for the extremely smooth hair texture and keen workmanship): $1188
    • Tailor-Made Hair (For those who have require non-standard hairpieces, 2-5 months lead time): $1288 & up
Per service session: $90, period. Covers all necessary services including
  • Expert cleaning of hairpiece
  • Trimming original hair
  • Reattaching the hairpiece
Note that Aremyhair will never, ever ask you to sign up for a yearly package during your first consultation. This is strongly discouraged, as we’d rather you join us only once you’re comfortable with our services and service culture. Your satisfaction comes first. Other service providers might give you a quote of $1800, which becomes $800 if you should choose to leave them. Some offer hairpieces below $500—throwing in free hair after 10 visits—in the interest of capturing market share. While price-conscious clients might consider these offers attractive, allow us to share that the actual service fees of these providers can hit as high as $100 after adding in all the hidden costs. And while this might be innovative, it certainly isn’t sustainable. Like any decent business, Aremyhair needs to generate enough income to cover product development and marketing as well as fulfil social responsibilities such as taxes and taking care of our staff.
  • Frequent User Programme
Aremyhair offers a special yearly programme for heavy users of our hair replacement systems who would like to save on costs. These clients enrol in the programme and pay a monthly basic fee when they come in. Note that there is no need to “pre-pay” us if you should feel uncomfortable with our services for any reason. Our yearly programme is true to its premise and is not a form of prepayment. The best way to find out what you can expect to pay for hair replacement is to set up a short consultation with one of our hair loss experts. You will see that we really can help you and we will find a hair loss program that suits your lifestyle and budget.