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The Real Cost of Hair Loss - iAremyhair Blog

The price of a wig or toupee in Singapore usually starts at $150, depending on whether it’s made of synthetic hair (which is technically fake hair made from polymers) or human hair (including remy hair, which is of the highest quality). 

On the other hand, the cost of a hair transplant varies from $3 to $10 per graft, depending on the quantity of grafts required and the technology used. The surgery involves harvesting hair follicles from a donor area and transferring it to the bald or thinned-out patch of scalp.

In hair surgery, the more follicles are harvested, the higher the cost per graft. So, you’ll be paying for the grafts whether or not they grow out or survive. Once harvested, hair follicles won’t be growing back on the donor site. You’re not just paying more, you’re also seriously depleting hair follicle resources.

Now, are you getting your money’s worth on a wig, given the effort of maintaining it? Are you willing to pay a high price for surgery, with its risks and downtime? Here are the things you need to know about hair-loss solutions. And if you’ll read on, you’ll find out about another option—one that’s painless, fast, easy, and looks natural too!

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5 Common Types of Hair Loss

Let’s get to the root of the matter. If you’ve been noticing unusual amounts of shedding, like when the hairs on your bathroom drain are piling up more than usual, or your hair looks limper and thinner than it used to, you could be suffering from the following hair-loss conditions.

Androgenetic Alopecia

It’s also known as “pattern hair loss” because it usually follows a pattern of hair thinning that starts in one area and spreads to the rest of the scalp. For males, it starts at the hairline or the crown and for females, it’s often the centre part that thins out first.

Androgenetic alopecia is the most common reason for hair loss, affecting an estimated 80% of men and 40% of women in their lifetime. In most cases, it’s a hereditary condition involving low levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT)—a hormone responsible for hair growth.

Hair Miniaturisation

It’s when the hair shaft gets noticeably less dense and thinner, making your once-lush mane look limp and feel lifeless. The hair strand becomes shorter, the follicles shrink, and the hair growth cycle gets longer or stops altogether as the condition progresses. When it does, finer hair regrows in its place.

Hair miniaturisation is common as people advance in age, but not when you’re frequently shedding an alarming amount of hair. Then it could be that you have abnormal levels of DHT in your body, or the condition runs in your family.

Alopecia Areata

It’s when a skin disease causes hair loss. This condition comes in three types: Alopecia areata patchy is when hair falls out in patches, usually on the scalp. Alopecia areata totalis is when the scalp goes totally bald. Alopecia areata universalis is when you’re losing not just head hair but also on the face and body.

Alopecia Areata is an auto-immune disease affecting over 6 million people in the US alone. It usually develops suddenly, over a few days. Anyone, regardless of sex or age, can have it. One in five people suffering from this condition inherited it from a family member.

Traction alopecia

It happens when hair is pulled in the same way for a long time, usually in people who tie or braid hair tightly, those who have dreadlocks or weaves, even those who wear tight headgear frequently. Straining the fair follicles could pull out the hair or even damage the follicle.

Traction alopecia doesn’t just thin out hair, it also causes redness, itching, and even infections. People with this condition first notice that their hairline is receding or their part is getting wider. Redness, itching, and patches of thin or broken hair, will appear on the scalp.

Telogen Effluvium

It’s when a person is shedding hair with no particular pattern. Many people go through significant hair shedding shortly following a trauma—usually after major surgery, childbirth, or emotional stress. Chronic Telogen effluvium is when the condition persists for more than 6 months.

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2 Types of Hair Transplant

First things first: A hair transplant can’t be done on areas that are completely bald or large areas without hair. You also have to have at least some hair for the surgery to be effective. And what’s left of your natural hair could continue to fall off even after surgery, especially if you have chronic hair loss. 

Hair surgery—or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), in medical terms—is a procedure where hair grafts (follicular units) are taken out of one part of the scalp or body (extraction) and transplanted to the head. The cost of hair surgery in Singapore depends largely on the method or treatment.

With an average cost of $8,000 to $12,000, an FUE procedure usually requires about 2,000 grafts. The price of each graft starts at around $5. For a Robotic FUE procedure, which is widely performed using the ARTAS hair restoration device, one graft costs $10 on average.

The surgery may be done as an outpatient procedure, which could take up to eight hours. It may also require several sessions, with healing periods in between. In most cases, it takes around two years for the process to be finished, barring complications.

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1 Non Invasive Hair Replacement System

There is one hair-loss solution that doesn’t entail surgery or any invasive procedure. It’s called Hair Replacement System, where a hairpiece made of natural or synthetic human hair is attached to the scalp using adhesive or bonding agents.

The entire process takes less than two hours and no pain at all. However, a few people have experienced feeling hot or uncomfortable with the hairpiece. One might also experience itching or allergies if the hairpiece isn’t adequately cleaned or given regular maintenance.

Hair replacement systems can be shampooed, cut, and styled like natural hair. You don’t even have to take it off when you go swimming or hit the gym. It may have to be replaced from time to time due to the usual wear and tear, and since it’s in constant contact with the skin’s natural acids.

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The Price of iAremyhair Hair Replacement System

We’ve always been transparent with our pricing at iAremyhair. We’ll never, ever ask you to sign up for a package on your first consultation. We’d rather you join us once you’re comfortable with our services and service culture.

The standard price of our hair replacement system in Singapore is $988, with no hidden charges. For hair that’s denser or longer (around 6 inches), it ranges from $1,200 to $1,500. For those who want really long hair (18 to 20 inches), it costs up to $1,800.

We do have a monthly service fee of $80, but that’s it. Fees are inclusive of the necessary services to give your hair replacement system more mileage, including cleaning the hairpiece, trimming your natural hair to blend in, and reattaching the hairpiece or reinforcing the bonding.

Almost all of our clients choose the standard $988 option, but we do have a one-time promotional rate of $488 for newcomers—an offer that’s always available to anyone who wants to try out this hair-loss solution and see if it works for them.

Other service providers might have hairpieces below $500, but many of them have service fees that go as high as $100 after adding in all the hidden costs. This may seem like a bargain, but the point of a hair replacement system is to get the full head of hair that you want at the most value for your money.


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Registered and based in Singapore, Aremyhair manufactures and uses custom-made, non-surgical hair replacement solutions as well as treatment for thinning and damaged hair. For hair that looks like it’s always been there, get Aremyhair: non-surgical, completely undetectable, customised hair in just 90 minutes.


Innovation, Integrity and Caring are at the core of our mission, which is To help people regain their self-confidence by providing a unique and credible approach to personalized hair loss solutions, using state-of-the-art technology and techniques in a supportive environment.

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