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Are you experiencing hair loss and considering your options for hair restoration? If so, you may wonder about the costs of non-surgical hair replacement compared to other hair restoration options. 

While hair transplant surgery is often the go-to solution for hair restoration, it can be expensive and may not be the best choice for everyone. 

On the other hand, non-surgical hair replacement is becoming an increasingly popular choice that offers a range of benefits, including a more affordable price tag. But how does the cost of non-surgical hair replacement compare to that of other hair restoration options?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the costs and benefits of non-surgical hair replacement and its different types so you can decide what’s right for you and your budget.

So how does non-surgical hair replacement compare to other hair restoration options?

First, it’s essential to understand the difference between non-surgical hair replacement and other hair restoration options. 

Hair transplant surgery involves the removal of healthy hair follicles from the scalp (usually the back or sides of the head) and transplanting them to other areas where hair is thinning or balding. It is a surgical procedure that requires anaesthesia and typically involves a recovery period of several weeks.

In contrast, non-surgical hair replacement involves using a customised headpiece to match your natural hair colour, texture, and style. These hairpieces are typically made from high-quality synthetic or natural hair fibres and are attached to the scalp using adhesives, tapes, or clips.

Here are the non-surgical hair replacement options: 

Synthetic Hair Implantation 

Non-surgical hair replacement has become an increasingly popular option for those looking to address their hair loss concerns. One such option is synthetic hair implantation, which involves inserting synthetic hair fibres into the scalp. 

Unlike traditional hair transplantation procedures, which involve harvesting and transplanting natural hair follicles, synthetic hair implantation does not require surgery. Instead, a small needle is used to implant the synthetic hair fibres into the scalp, which blends in with the existing hair. This method of hair replacement is ideal for those who are not suitable candidates for surgical hair transplantation or those who prefer a non-surgical approach. 

In addition, the synthetic hair fibres used in this procedure are also incredibly realistic, making it a viable option for those who want a natural-looking solution to hair loss.

Wigs, Hairpieces, Hair weaves, and Toupees

These hair replacement systems are made from natural or synthetic hair and can be customised to fit the individual’s head and hairline. 

Wigs and hairpieces are convenient and easy to use, since they can be worn and taken off as needed. Hair weaves, on the other hand, are a semi-permanent option that involves attaching extensions to one’s existing hair. 

Toupees, also known as hairpieces for men, are a popular option for those experiencing male pattern baldness. They are designed to blend seamlessly with one’s hairline, thus providing a more natural look.

And with the advancement of technology, these hair replacement systems have become incredibly realistic in appearance.

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Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy, or LLLT, is a non-invasive hair restoration technique that uses low-intensity lasers to boost hair growth by raising blood flow to the hair follicles. The lasers are typically administered through a helmet or cap placed over the head. The treatment is painless and usually takes less than 30 minutes per session. 

LLLT is a popular option for people who suffer from androgenic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness. The lasers stimulate the hair follicles’ cellular energy production, thus improving hair growth and thickness. 

While LLLT is not a quick fix for hair loss, regular use can help promote hair growth and improve the overall health of the scalp. Therefore, this treatment option is an excellent alternative for those looking for a non-invasive, pain-free, and effective solution to hair loss.

However, it is essential to note that LLLT may not work for everyone, and results can vary depending on the severity of the hair loss and the individual’s response to the treatment.

If you are considering LLLT, it’s best to find a reputable clinic with experience in administering this procedure.

Scalp Micropigmentation 

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical hair replacement technique that involves using specialised pigments to replicate the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp. This technique is ideal for those who suffer from pattern baldness, thinning hair, or scarring on the scalp. 

The procedure is performed by a skilled technician who uses a small needle to deposit the pigments into the scalp, creating the appearance of tiny hair follicles. The results are realistic and can create the appearance of a full head of hair, even for those with severe hair loss. 

SMP is also a low-maintenance option, as the pigments used in the procedure are designed to be long-lasting and do not require special care or maintenance. Overall, scalp micropigmentation is a safe, effective, and low-maintenance solution for those who wish to address their hair loss concerns without surgery.

Hair Replacement Systems

These systems are customised to fit the individual’s head and hairline and can be made from natural or synthetic hair. Hair replacement systems can be attached to the scalp using various methods, including adhesive tape, clips, or medical-grade adhesives. 

The system is designed to blend seamlessly with the individual’s hair, creating a natural-looking hairline. Additionally, hair replacement systems can be styled in various ways, allowing individuals to achieve their desired look. 

Hair replacement systems are a safe, effective, and personalised solution for those who suffer from hair loss and want to restore their confidence in their appearance.

Additionally, hair replacement systems are typically more customisable than wigs, hair weaves, and hairpieces, as they can be tailored to fit the individual’s head and hairline. Hair replacement systems are also typically made from higher-quality materials than wigs, hair weaves, and other hairpieces, which can result in a more natural look and feel. 

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The Cost Of Non-Surgical Hair Options

So how do the costs of non-surgical hair replacement and transplant surgery compare? 

The cost of hair transplant surgery can differ depending on the number of grafts needed, the surgeon’s experience, and the clinic’s location. However, on average, the cost of hair transplant surgery can range from SGD 6,000 to SGD 20,000, with some procedures costing even more.

Meanwhile, the price of non-surgical hair replacement can vary depending on your chosen type, as well as any maintenance and upkeep costs. However, non-surgical hair replacement is significantly less expensive than hair transplant surgery.

In Singapore, the cost of synthetic hair implantation can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of hair loss, the type of artificial hair used, and the practitioner’s skill. On average, synthetic hair implantation in Singapore can range from $2,000 to $6,000.

The cost of wigs, hairpieces, hair weaves, and toupees is typically more affordable and can vary depending on the quality of the materials used and the complexity of the style. However, on average, they can range from as low as $100 to $1,000.

Meanwhile, LLLT can be a good option for those who are not yet ready for surgical hair replacement. The cost of LLLT varies depending on the clinic or provider and the duration of the treatment. It ranges from $500 to $1,000 for one course of treatment.

With scalp micropigmentation, it depends on the size of the area being treated, the procedure’s complexity, and the practitioner’s experience. The price can range from $1,500 to $5,000. 

Lastly, hair replacement systems depend on the quality of the materials used, the style’s complexity, and the duration of the wear. On average, the cost ranges from $500 to $2,000. 

For more transparent pricing, Aremyhair’s replacement systems range from $488 for a full-skin design to $1,288+ for tailor-made hair. 

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In addition to cost, there are other factors to consider when choosing between non-surgical hair replacement and hair transplant surgery. 

Non-surgical hair replacement offers quick results, minimal recovery time, and the ability to change your hairstyle whenever you like. However, some hairpieces require regular maintenance and upkeep, and some may feel self-conscious about wearing one.

Hair transplant surgery, on the other hand, offers a more permanent solution to hair loss and the opportunity to achieve a natural-looking head of hair. However, it is a surgical procedure that bears risks and may not be fit for everyone.

In conclusion, non-surgical hair replacement is more affordable than hair transplant surgery, but both options have benefits and drawbacks. It’s essential to consider your individual needs, preferences, and budget when choosing a hair restoration option. 

Which Option Is The Best For Me? 

Regarding non-surgical hair replacement options, the best choice for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. 

Wigs, hairpieces, hair weaves, and toupees offer a temporary solution for those who want to change their look or cover up hair loss quickly. These options are generally less expensive and require less commitment than other hair replacement options. However, they may not look natural or last as long as other options.

Low-level laser therapy, synthetic hair implantation, and scalp micro-pigmentation are all longer-lasting and effective. These options require more time and investment upfront, but provide a more permanent solution to hair loss.

Hair replacement systems, on the other hand, offer a customised, non-surgical solution that can seamlessly blend with your existing hair. They are generally more advanced than wigs and other hairpieces and offer a higher level of customisation but require more maintenance than other options.

Consultation with a hair loss specialist can help you determine which option is best suited for your situation.

Aremyhair’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

Aremyhair’s hair replacement system may be the best non-surgical hair replacement option due to its exceptional quality, customisation, and affordability. 

Our systems are made from high-quality, 100% human hair that looks and feels natural. Each hair replacement system is tailored to the individual’s head and hairline to ensure it blends seamlessly with their existing hair. 

One of the most significant advantages of Aremyhair’s hair replacement system is its affordability. The system offers a cost-effective alternative to surgical hair restoration options, with a one-time investment that can last for months with proper care. Additionally, the system is easy to maintain and can be styled and washed like natural hair.

Aremyhair’s hair replacement system is also designed to be comfortable and secure, with various attachment methods available to suit individual preferences and lifestyles. 

With Aremyhair, individuals can restore their confidence in their appearance and enjoy a natural-looking and long-lasting solution to hair loss.

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